Registration on GFIC real estate is possible

Starting July 11th, with the help of GFIC (Family Housing Benefit), it is now possible to buy real estate that is the seat of a business.This change affects thousands of small and individual entrepreneurs. Previous regulations did not allow a business to be registered for real estate within ten years of receiving GFIC support.

In the case of other state aids, the village GFIC or the interest-subsidized 3% home purchase loan did not allow the company to be registered for real estate either. From 11 July, this restriction will no longer apply to the aforementioned grants. This change is a big benefit for businesses whose registered office has been announced for their real estate.

What is a small grant?


The Union does not authorize aid schemes which favor certain products and thus distort the single market. Therefore, there is a regulation that all existing and new forms of aid must be notified to the European Commission, which will check that the aid complies with the rules. However, in the case of small amounts of aid, the amount of aid is so small that it has no impact on the market and should not be notified to the Commission. GFIC also has such a small amount of support.

Many will benefit from the new GFIC support!


GFIC support is considered to be a small amount of aid under EU law, so businesses wishing to use this form of support must meet a few conditions.

What are the terms and conditions of a GFIC real estate business?


  • Only companies that are not engaged in the production, marketing or processing of agricultural products may be declared in the real estate, but activities that facilitate the export opportunities of a particular company may also be excluded.
  • Previously, they did not receive any small subsidy for the property.
  • The total amount of small grants awarded shall not exceed EUR 200 000 for any period of three financial years. In the case of transport undertakings, this limit shall be EUR 100 000.

If you would like to know more about the terms and conditions of the extended GFIC, please fill out our form and our credit broker will search for you.

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