Crowdlending: New Financing Method for Small and Medium Enterprises – Getting a Loan

Today, nearly 400,000 SMEs are looking for funds to expand their business. For some of them, crowdlending is an effective solution for getting a loan quickly and easily.

Crowdlending: Explanation

Crowdlending: Explanation

The FinTech sector is constantly evolving. Today, it is the turn of crowdlending to enter.

Crowdlending is an innovative way of financing that is revolutionizing the world of credit.

In concrete terms, this allows small businesses and SMEs to borrow from private and professional investors. For the lender, it’s about putting your money in projects that you like, in exchange for interest.

Crowdlending: The numbers speak for themselves


The money collected to finance French small and medium-sized businesses via crowdlending continues to grow year by year.

Between 2013 and 2014, collections doubled from 47.9 million dollars to 88.4 million. The latest figures are even more impressive: 196.3 million dollars were collected in 2015!

Everything suggests that crowdlending becomes an essential way to finance your business. The government and the UK financial institutions understand this and invest in these innovative platforms to finance projects!

Good Finance, an actor who stands out


Good Finance is the first crowdlending platform to offer lenders the automatic reinvestment of their interests thanks to the Financing Packs. The platform works with G-Money, a subsidiary of the GFIC group, to secure the funds invested for lenders.

Good Finance is also recognized as the most selective “platform” on the market. In fact, only 1.57% of projects that apply for credit through Good Finance are presented to investors. Good Finance’s team of financial analysts is constantly striving for excellence for lenders.

How is the collection?

After the selection test, the project is put online for a period of 30 days. All lenders are then warned of the launch of the campaign and each lender can decide to invest in the project.

If the collection is successful, the funds are released and, each month, you are then reimbursed a share of the loaned capital, plus interest.

If, on the other hand, the objective is not fulfilled, the money is automatically transferred to the lenders.

Currently, the annual gross yield observed on the platform for lenders is 7.5% so do not wait any longer!
If you are looking for a safe, secure and profitable citizen placement, you can start now with Good Finance!

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