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A mortgage is probably the largest loan you will probably ever apply for. It is probably empty so that a home purchase is the largest single financial transaction you will ever be involved in. For this reason, it is extremely important to make good time for this decision and really compare the various mortgages available to choose from. When it comes to loans in the million class, small differences in interest rates will also mean large variations in costs.

What is important to look at when comparing mortgages?

What is important to look at when comparing mortgages?

As with everything else, different lenders have different terms for their loans. For this reason, we list here a number of things that you should check out when comparing mortgages. Everything so you can feel safe with the decision you will make. Then it should be said that among the large lenders, it is often not very different in terms of conditions. They have a good look at each other and offer similar services.


The vast majority of a mortgage is what you call a mortgage loan. This is also the part for which you have the house as security. Since you have collateral in the form of the house, you also get better interest on the mortgage. If you talk about the loan-to-value ratio, you mean how much of the total loan may consist of a mortgage loan. The banks usually lend between 70 – 85% in the form of mortgage loans.

Since it is clearly cheaper with a mortgage, you should check this figure when comparing mortgages. Maybe it may be what determines which lender you lend the money to.

Generally, you can say that if you have a good economy and the home being purchased is of good value at a reasonable price, then the lenders who offer mortgages up to 85% will also agree to this.



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Often, there are no major differences in mortgage rates between the different lenders. But small differences can also make a big difference for a long time. What you should especially look for when comparing mortgages is what effective interest rates the different lenders offer. The effective interest rate is a figure that takes into account all the costs that come with a loan eliminated on an annual basis. If you want to know more about the effective interest rate, you can do so on our special page about exactly what the previous link goes to.

One thing to keep in mind is that the interest rates published on the lenders’ websites and on sites such as this one where you compare mortgage rates are list rates. This is the interest rate you get from a lender if you go in to them and only borrow money without really saying anything else. If you choose to negotiate the interest rate (which is recommended), you can usually get a certain discount from the list interest rate.

repayment period

A mortgage loan can normally be arranged for a very long period, if you are a little younger you can borrow for 50 years or more. The repayment period has a big impact on how much your loan will cost in total. If you have a long repayment period, the total interest costs will of course be higher than if you repay it quickly.

Then you have to take into account how high costs your economy can manage without risking it. You have to do this balancing and really consider when comparing mortgages. You can see amortization as a form of savings. The amount you repay will receive a “return” on the percentage on which the interest rate is. The return here is that you do not have to pay this extra cost but can use that money for something else.

Other conditions

This is far from all the terms that you should consider when comparing mortgages. But it is also a start that hopefully can help you find the right loan. Just don’t forget to check out all the terms carefully before deciding on any special lender you want to borrow money from.

Compare mortgages

On this site you can find a page where we have compared different terms as effective interest rates for a number of different lenders. Hopefully, this comparison can help you find the right loan. For example, here we have compared the interest rates of all the major lenders.

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