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Borrow without interest with our help. Humphry Clinker lists many banks, lending institutions, credit companies and lenders that help you when you want to borrow money without interest.

There is a whole plethora of sms loans that are offered interest-free for 30 days which means that you do not pay anything extra besides the sum d u borrowed if you repay within these 30 days.

These so-called “free loans” have a short term 

These so-called "free loans" have a short term 

Fast loans, micro loans, short term loans, mobile micro loans, sm loans and mini loans usually mean about the same. In this form of loans, you are often offered these short interest-free periods and some lenders issue free loans of up to USD 4-5000 to first-time borrowers.

Sms without interest usually tend to be on rather small sums. Borrow USD 500 without interest. Borrow 1000 USD without interest. Borrowing USD 2000 without interest. Borrow USD 3000 without interest. Borrow 4000 USD without interest. Borrow 5000 USD without interest. Click on the different loan amounts to compare the different interest rates and the terms that apply to the lenders to borrow without interest.

Sms without interest


Non-interest rate loans are offered from a variety of lenders. Some let you borrow interest-free the first time you borrow others have fixed small amounts on smaller credits without interest. We have lenders who let you borrow up to USD 4000 interest-free first loan, or borrow USD 500 free loan or USD 3000 interest-free for 30 days.

Examples of lenders that allow you to borrow without interest are E-Money, Kredit 365 and Message loans. Read more in the headings below or go directly to one of these lenders to read more about borrowing without interest.

Loans without interest

Loans without interest

Loans without interest from E-Money. E-Money offers its first time customers loans without interest. This means that, as the first time borrower, you can borrow without interest on amounts up to USD 4000. These loans are free of interest for the first 30 days so if you repay the entire loan within 30 days the loan is completely free. Please note that this offer is only valid the first time you borrow money from E-Money. You sign your loan application safely and securely with your BankID.

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